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Neal Horsley

See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ...Colossians 2:8 (NIV)

(Christian Gallery News Service, Sept 11, 2002) September 11 for the foreseeable future is likely to be a good time to talk about the consequences of fear. Read what follows and you will see how fear moved the pro-life movement to do the unthinkable: join forces with the abortion industry.


This month NARAL is doing its best to plaster the nation with the message in the ad below. It is the center piece of the abortion industry's fund raising campaign.


For nearly four years, my Internet publications, the Nuremberg Files and, have been the subject of massive media attention and court action that is extending to the Supreme Court of the USA. For four years there has been an unremitting attempt on the part of all the major organizations that make up the abortion industry in the United States to censor my publications. It is no exaggeration to say that the abortion industry has spent literally millions of dollars and tens of thousands of workhours in trying to stop me from publishing on the Internet.

Given the fact that my publications are devoted to exposing the evil of legalized abortion and abolishing legalized abortion from the USA, there is little surprise that the abortion industry wants to stop me from fulfilling my calling from my God. What is surprising is that many of the present leaders of the Christian pro-life movement want to do exactly the same thing.


To hear exactly how the "pro-life movement" is doing everything in its power to stop me and the hundreds of front line veterans I work with from deterring expectant mothers from killing their children, click the following arrow. You will hear Alan Keyes, who forthrightly claims to be speaking for the entire "pro-life movement," demand on his now-defunct national television program that I stop publishing the stories and images I am receiving from abortion abolitionists across the nation. Exactly like Planned Parenthood and NARAL, et al, Alan Keyes and other leaders of the pro-life movement want me to stop publishing images of people who go into abortion clinics where little babies are butchered, stories about abortionists and other people who make a living killing God's children.

The Question Before You


Examine closely all the hundreds of pages of information published by me, Neal Horsley, and you will see that we are doing nothing but exposing the actions of people who are in public in a location that has been defined by every Court in the USA as a matter of serious public concern.

When I took my Bachelors in Journalism from the Henry W. Grady School of Journalism at the University of Georgia in 1976, "news" was defined as information about matters of serious public concern.

So if words mean anything, when Alan Keyes told me to stop this Web site, Alan Keyes, speaking on behalf of the Pro-Life Movement in America, was telling me to stop publishing the news about legalized abortion.

But there is one more, even more shocking, piece of evidence. This national spokesman for the pro-life movement was not only telling me to stop publishing the news about legalized abortion, he was telling me to stop publishing news that has been proven to have the power and the effect of deterring people from killing God's unborn children!

Did you notice that I put an exclamation point on the end of the preceding sentence? Don't you think it deserves to be "exclaimed" when the pro-life movement that has for thirty years presented itself as the social agent designed to protect the lives of unborn babies being led to legalized slaughter now begins to do everything in its power to stop me from deterring people who are killing babies?

There are those who say publishing the information we publish is no deterrence to abortion. Watch those people closely. They think you are so stupid that you will believe them when they tell you that exposing people who are engaged in evil actions has no deterrent effect. It is exactly like saying a brightly lit area at night is no better than a dark area in deterring crime. We bring the light of clear fact about matters of serious public concern. Such action always drives away the darkness.

But those are not the most important reasons we do what you see here. Last, but certainly not least--in fact in the forefront of everything that I have done since the Lord Jesus Christ revealed Himself as alive from the grave nearly thirty years ago while I was at the end of myself, in prison, and utterly lost in the flesh and the world and the devil--we are literally obeying the instructions God gives to all His people in Ephesians 5 when He tells us to expose evil.  And that's exactly what we are doing here! We are exposing the evil and the evildoers involved with legalized abortion. 

But our actions make many uncomfortable. The light always has that effect on the darkness. "John 3: 19And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. 20For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. 21But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God."

Please don't get the idea that Alan Keyes was simply speaking for himself and not speaking for most of the leaders in the pro-life movement. For over four years hardly a day has passed without me being made aware of the fact that the well-funded leaders of the pro-life movement were either through commission or omission doing everything they could get away with to silence me.

Why? The pro-life movement hates the light in exactly the same way NARAL and the rest of the abortion industry hates the light; that is, because there is much that has occurred in this nation that the pro-life movement wants to hide. Chief among these things is the fact that the pro-life movement has sucked tens of millions of dollars from Christians across this nation and still, thirty years later, babies are butchered by the million each year legally in the United States of America.

Many in the pro-life movement want to censor me because they know I am not only willing to talk about these matters but have in fact found an audience composed of millions of people in the USA who sometimes listen to what I say. And, finally, the pro-life movement senses that I have been moving ever closer to the day when I would expose the fact that the very leaders of the pro-life movement have moved the pro-life movement until it is now a part of the very evil it started out ostensibly to arrest.

Well, that day has come.

In his own defense, Alan Keyes, as the spokesman for the pro-life movement, will tell you that he is focusing not on the evil that we are exposing but is instead focusing on a hypothetical danger that hypothetically might occur because of the information we publish. It is most revealing that Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry has been saying that same thing for nearly four years and the fear they mouth has never happened! And that in spite of the fact that literally tens of millions of people have been exposed to the information I publish.

While claiming to justify his actions because of misplaced fears does nothing to advance the truth, choosing to mouth those fears does prove one thing: in putting his focus there, Alan Keyes proves he is a spokesman who says exactly the same fearful--and false--things that have been said about my publications for over four years by NARAL and Planned Parenthood and the like. That is how you can see without doubt that the pro-life movement is in bed with the abortion industry.


The pro-life movement has been dead for so long it is stinking strong enough now so that even those who want to deny it the most cannot help but smell it. But many have been smelling its death for years. Long ago the pro-life movement proved that when push came to shove, it would have nothing to do with actions that literally deterred people from killing unborn babies. During the long season of rescues while Operation Rescue and other like-minded groups threw themselves into the breach and were arrested by the hundreds all across the USA while successfully deterring people from butchering babies, the pro-life movement withdrew so far from those actions that it became invisible, or, if not invisible, entered into active opposition against the people going to jail across the nation.

Now, today, when we have once again found a way to deter some from killing God's children, should we be surprised that the pro-life movement is proving itself to be the enemy of deterrence?

No, the only surprise is that Alan Keyes, who I once held in the highest admiration, is the spokesman for the pro-life movement that has proven itself to be the ally of NARAL, et al.


In a word: FEAR. Fear explains why virtually everybody in the USA is concerned about preserving the status quo.

It takes no sociologist to see that. We all can see it. It is as clear as the sun above on a cloudless day. We want to preserve the status quo because we are afraid we are going to lose the most prosperous, the most secure, the most powerful station any nation of people has attained in the history of the world. The USA has risen above ancient Egypt in organizational genius, above the Roman Empire in grandeur, above the Mongol hordes in military might, above Nazi Germany in technological prowess, above God Almighty Himself in present day political control. So far above in fact that God Almighty has been exiled from this nation's counsels of law and justice.

I am out of step with that fear that controls the USA. The Pro-life movement has entered into alliance with NARAL and the other devils in this land in silencing me because I am the voice of one who has decided that if I must fear, then I will fear the One who not only has the power to destroy my body but the power to throw my soul in hell for eternity as well. It is my fear of that One that has driven me to a place where I speak words that are not motivated by the fear that controls this world. Because I represent a different spirit of fear than the one represented by the pro-life movement and the rest of the worldly voices in this nation, I must be silenced because I threaten to infect the rest of the people in this nation with my fear.

They know my fear is powerfully contagious, so contagious in fact that it has been known to utterly transform worlds when let loose in power.

Look how strong! The fear that motivates me has made me absolutely determined to abolish legalized abortion and willing to go where the angels who make up the pro-life movement fear to tread. In fact, my fear has made me willing to do whatever it takes to see that God's will is no longer exiled from the USA.

The pro-life movement is not willing to go there. And that is why the pro-life movement is doing everything in its power to censor me exactly like NARAL and the rest of the abortion industry is doing.

Now do you see why I am no longer a part of the pro-life movement but instead am at the forefront of the abortion abolition movement?

What about you? Where do you stand? Are you going to thrust out your chest and talk about how you are not influenced by fear in this time we live? Yeah, right! Are you going to hide your fear even from yourself? Or are you going to face the truth about the time in which we live?

Please God help us face the truth! Won't you please help me? Without your financial support, I cannot do what needs to be done: I cannot even feed my own family, much less defend God's children being led to the slaughter. But if you will simply do what you can do and trust the Lord Jesus Christ to move others to do what they can do, together, you and I will be provided with the resources that will allow us to abolish legalized abortion in your lifetime. I know as certainly as I know anything that we will see the fear around us begin to fade away when we conquer that single pernicious evil that we are all collaborating with every step we take in supporting this present thing called the government of the United States of America. In abolishing legalized abortion, we will have once again begun to implement the priorities of the Lord Jesus Christ in this nation. And once again this nation, in word and deed, will be seen to be under God. Until then, the carnage will continue to grow and it will grow because we refuse to do together what God calls us to do today.

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